Customer Spotlight: Meet The Andersens!

We have long since known that our customers are the very best!  It is because of them that we continue to be here in this little town doing what we do.  We are so very excited to share another customer spotlight today!  We can’t wait for you to meet the Andersen family.  It is so fun to see a couple who so obviously loves each other and their family.  We love the way they have chosen to spend time together in retirement, and in the process, have provided a wonderful haven for their friends and family.  What fantastic memories!  We are so excited to introduce you to the Andersen family!




We are Dale and Jackie Andersen.  We have three children, Jerod and Jamie Andersen, Lisa and Jeff Harrow, Jaci and Jerame Hawkes.  Together, they have given us 10 of the most wonderful grandchildren.


Why did you decide to invest in a trailer?  Is it something you have always done or is it new to your family? 

Although the Andersen family in general has always been an active ‘camping’ family, we didn’t really get started until quite a few years after we started our family.  After Dale spent a year ‘camping’ in Vietnam, he had pretty much lost interest.  However, we did do a little ‘cabin’ and ‘hotel’ camping for a few years.  We also used us parents small camp trailer to take our kids on some fun adventures.  Every year on Memorial Day Weekend, you can find the extended Andersen family (five generations!) camping on Plymouth mountain.  Most years we spent the days up there and returned to our house in Fielding for the night.  However, in about 2002, we purchased out first fifth wheel.

How has your trailer changed the way your family spends time together?

We had been spending a couple of weeks a year at Star Valley Ranch in Wyoming with Dale’s parents as part of a timeshare.  After they decided to stop traveling, we acquired their membership.  We weren’t retired so we would vacation on the ranch for a couple of weeks a year.  While enjoying this adventure, we were also considering retiring in a few years and when an offer was made to purchase a lot at the RV ranch, we began our retirement adventure!

After attending a RV expo in Salt Lake in 2004 we decided to upgrade.  C&R Trailer Sales was our dealer of choice.  We purchased a 2005 Brookside and LOVED it.  We upgraded our 5th wheel in 2015, purchasing our 2016 Silverback!  Upgrade for sure!  It has all the bells and whistles and is truly our home away from home.





Where are your favorite places to take your trailer?

We take it to Star Valley in May and leave it until October.  For the past three years we have been serving in the Brigham City Temple on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so we traveled to Wyoming on Wednesday afternoon and stayed until Monday almost every week.  We like the location because it is near enough to travel back and forth for temple work and family activities.



Dale and I enjoy golfing at the various golf courses around the park (Dale more than I).  We travel to Jackson occasionally as well.  And there’s always a party of some sort going on!



Can you share a favorite memory while using your trailer?

We enjoy having our family visit us there and have met many dear friends from all over the country.  These are memories and friendships that will never be forgotten.

How was your experience with C&R?

We wouldn’t go anywhere else.  The service is great, the salesmen are great.  We just wouldn’t go anywhere else!



Dale and Jackie, thank you for sharing a little bit of your adventures with us!  We love the way the Andersens are using this time of their lives to spend time doing the things they love together, and with friends and family too!  If you live around our little town, you will often spot this amazing couple serving others.  Grandparents make the best cheerleaders, and this pair can always be found supporting their grandchildren in everything they do.  They truly are the kind of parents and grandparents that make America a stronger, better place.  No matter what season we find ourselves in, it is never too early or too late to strengthen relationships!


Here’s to making memories!  Are you a happy customer of C&R and would like to share your experience?  We are always looking for more families to spotlight and would love to hear your story!  As a thank you to the Andersens and all of our spotlight families, we will be giving a $50 gift card that can be used toward parts or services at C&R.  If you are interested in being spotlighted, email  I can’t wait to meet you!

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