Customer Spotlight: Meet The Andersons!

We have long since known that our customers are the very best!  It is because of them that we continue to be here in this little town doing what we love to do.  And so, we are very excited to share another customer spotlight today!  We can’t wait for you to meet the Anderson family!  The guys at C&R told me what a great family they were, and it is obvious how much they enjoy one another and taking off on adventures as a family.  When I asked Lance to participate in our customer spotlight, he agreed, even though we caught him at a super busy time in his life.  He told me,  “Life is always busy but an awesome adventure”.  What a great way to approach life!

Meet the Anderson  family!


Lance, introduce us to your family!

Just a little bit about our family…

We have four beautiful children.  Our oldest is Skylee (13).  She loves everything about the outdoors – camping, fishing, and hunting!  Next, is Berklee (11).  Berklee loves camping but likes to stay close to the trailer doing art projects and once in a while you’ll find her riding her dirt bike.  Braxton is 7 years old and what can we say?  He is a typical boy!  He loves the outdoors and getting dirty – whether it is riding his four-wheeler or just playing in the dirt.  Our youngest daughter Tesslee (4) just wants to keep up with her older siblings and do everything they do!

As far as my wife, Brooke, and I – we have always loved camping and being outdoors.

Why did you decide to invest in a trailer?  Is it something you have always done or is it new to your family?  How has it changed the way your family spends time together?

We have always had some sort of camping trailer to make our outdoor adventures more memorable.  We love getting away to the mountains (or sometimes to the city!) in our trailer, but every trip we go on, the kids absolutely love it.  They always have a story to tell about each adventure, as none of them are the same!

I think owning a trailer has helped keep our family closer as we spend time together often.

Where are your favorite places to take your trailer?

One of our favorite places we have grown to love is Fish Lake, Utah.  The fishing is great, and the camping is better – but it’s just a beautiful place to be.  We also get to Strawberry Reservoir above Heber, Utah every year.  Those two trips are a must every year, but we also try to go somewhere new to experience new adventures.

Can you share a favorite family memory while using your trailer?

My kids talk about our trips to Yellowstone and Bear World all the time!  That is probably one of our most memorable trips we have experienced in our trailer.

How was your experience with C&R?

Our experience with buying a new trailer from the C&R family was awesome.  They are just that – family.  Not only do they treat you as their own brother or sister, or like they have known you for years, but they make you feel no pressure.  They want you to have the best trailer that fits your family’s needs and don’t try to up-sell something that’s not feasible for your family’s type of vacations.  I would recommend them to anyone for their great hospitality and a no pressure buying environment.

A big thank you to Lance and his family for taking the time to tell us about their fun family adventures!   You can see that Lance and Brooke’s attitude, that “Life is an awesome adventure” is rubbing off on their four kids.  Their happiness is evident in every picture.  What a great way to raise a family!  Seeing the pictures of this cute family and reading about the fun memories they are making makes me want to pack up my family and head out on our own little mountain getaway!



Here’s to making memories!  Are you a happy customer of C&R and would like to share your experience?  We are looking for more families to spotlight and would love to hear your story!  As a thank you to the Andersons and all of our spotlight families, we will be giving a $50 gift card that can be used toward any parts or services at C&R. 

If you are interested in being spotlighted, email  I can’t wait to meet you!

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