The Big Rig: Thinking Out Of The Box

There’s a pretty fancy, big red truck making its way back and forth across the United States, and some of you are wondering about the thinking behind it all.

Here’s the lowdown.  Many of C&R’s trailers are manufactured in the Eastern and Midwestern parts of the United States, which means that each of those trailers eventually need to make their way to Utah.  “We just kept thinking there had to be a better way than hauling every trailer one at a time from Indiana,” explained Shawn, General Manager of C&R Trailer Sales.  Every time a trailer came west meant paying a driver plus the cost of gas to get a truck out and back.  He knew that the finding a more efficient way to transport the trailers would save the customers money in the long run.

The answer had to include the ability to haul more than one trailer at a time.  At first, C&R began to look at custom trailers, but were unable to find what they were looking for.  And so, instead of giving up and doing the same old thing with the same old result, they decided to think outside the box.

What if they found a way to haul a full size unit on a flatbed truck, while pulling a bumper pull or fifth wheel trailer behind?  They soon realized that if they could make it work, not only could they bring two trailers home in one trip, they could also haul a truck east along with a second driver (saving on gas for the trip out) that could then be unloaded to haul a third trailer back to Utah.  If they could make it work, they could get three units back home out of one trip East.

To make their plan work, they knew they needed a cab-over truck – as the shorter the truck, the more room left to carry cargo on the bed of the truck.  After searching, they found a 2001 Peterbuilt 362, with a 32 foot bed behind it.  It had been an oil rig truck in Oklahoma.

After a lot of customizing (and of course, painting it red, Dad’s favorite color!) it has hit the road and is working just as Shawn had hoped.

If you look closely, you can see the gooseneck horse trailer on behind the bed of the truck.  Not a sight you have likely seen before, but just what C&R was hoping for!

When you are a small business, you’re constantly looking outside the box – trying to figure out a better way for you and for your customers.  Sometimes it works out, and sometimes you try, try again.  Here’s to an idea that made the cut!  Cheers to the big red truck!



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