Wishing You Some Christmas Magic!


The other night a few of our family were reminiscing about some memories pf Christmas past. There is something magical about Christmas!   There were many years growing up, while Mom and Dad were trying to get the business going that we never had a lot extra in the way of material possessions.  But Christmas?  No matter, the year, it always felt like magic!  You see, our mom is the master of creating Christmas magic.  She seems to have a way of creating the most magical surprises out of nothing!  From her, we learned that Santa is real, no matter how old you are.  You see, we were taught that magic is real only as long is you believe in it.  Our mom taught us that to feel the magic, you can either be the one creating the magic, or the one on the receiving end.  Either way?  Magic!

I think this is why as I’ve gotten older, the spirit of Santa Claus has never dimmed for me.  Christmas has never gotten any less magical.  My mom created Christmas memories that were about so much more than what “wanted”.  We NEVER knew what we were getting for Christmas.  Even as adults!  That would have destroyed the magic, you see, for both us as the receivers and her as the giver.  We laugh now at the great lengths she would go to, to ensure we didn’t peek into the family room at the gifts before it was time on Christmas morning –  including sleeping on the couch in front of the entrance to the room, creating an intricate maze of yarn tied back and forth to keep kids out, and  the piles of pots and pans she stacked-the clattering of which would tip her off to any would-be sneakers.  All because she wanted to see our faces when we saw Christmas morning for the very first time!

Now that I am a parent myself and realize how much work and effort goes into creating such fun memories, I am so thankful for parents who taught us the real meaning of Christmas, and helped us to understand that real joy doesn’t come by getting exactly what is on our “list”.

If you’re feeling a little undone by everything on your to-do list, might we suggest you think of a way to create a little Christmas magic for someone in your life.  Whether it be someone in your own home, a neighbor, or a complete stranger – it seems that even the process of dreaming up a little surprise for someone does something to lift our hearts and bring a little magic into our own life.

We are especially thankful for our customers, our employees and their families, and this wonderful community that we are blessed to do business in.  It truly is a magical place to live, and we know that you, our neighbors and friends, so often go quietly about doing good.

We wish you the very most, Merry Christmas!  May it be filled with magic!

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