Small Town Living At It’s Best- Box Elder County Fair and Junior Livestock Auction

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Our little town just wrapped up the county fair.  And as Chris LeDoux used to sing, “Ain’t nothin’ I know of, can make you fall in love, like a night at the county fair.”  Around here, fair week really does make us fall in love- with summer, with our little town, and most of all- the people who live here.

Folks around here are pretty proud of our fair, and for good reason. You will find exhibit buildings full of crafts, art, photography, flowers, and produce.  Children love to see the rabbits, chickens, steers, pigs, and hogs.  Performing groups, including local talent, perform throughout the day and on into the evening at the bandstand.  Don’t forget great food, carnival rides, and the oldest rodeo in the state of Utah.  There is no admission charged for entrance to the fair or for parking, making it a perfect option for family fun.

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However, the best part of the fair is the community support.  Some say it is like a big county reunion- a chance to visit and catch up with neighbors and friends, something that doesn’t happen often enough in today’s busy world.  The entire community comes together, volunteering time to help with the exhibits, work in the hamburger stand, join the constant clean up crews, and organize and carry out the junior livestock show and auction.

The Box Elder Junior Livestock Show is one of the biggest, if not the biggest livestock show in the state.  This year, over 700 animals were exhibited.

Aug 2016 fair 014

Long lines of lambs, kids, and parents waiting to weigh in.

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More remarkable to outsiders than the large number of animals exhibited in Box Elder County is the amount of money the livestock auction brings to the youth.  In 2015, the auction raised over 1 million dollars in sales and boosts (smaller contributions that can be donated by the community in addition to the sale price).

C&R is proud to join many other large and small businesses, farms, ranches, and individuals in their support of the livestock auction.  This year, the auction started promptly at 9 in the morning, and continued until after 8 o’clock that evening.  While family and friends came and went, dozens of buyers throughout the community stayed throughout the entire day, ensuring that every child was able to sell their project.

Aug 2016 fair 104

Bleachers full to the brim with auction supporters.

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Aug 2016 fair 180

After nearly 12 hours, businessmen and women and members of the community still wait, making sure every last animal is sold.

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Aug 2016 fair 189

Shawn, from C&R, along with several of the local businessmen who stayed until the end to support the youth of our valley.  These men joined together to make sure the very last child who sold their animal had just as good of an experience as the first.

Aug 2016 fair 098

We feel so fortunate to live in a community who cares and supports one another.  Each August, this nondescript auction barn in our small rural town is filled to the brim with people wanting to offer a helping hand (big or small) to the future.  They invest time and money in the youth- sending a message that they believe in good things to come. So many heartwarming stories are written each year in the hearts of youth and families throughout the valley, by good people who are just trying to make someone’s path a little brighter.  It is just the kind of thing that reminds us that good people are found everywhere, and America is still a great place to live.   This is small town living at it’s very best.

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  1. Teresa Sandall says: Reply

    I have been helping with the auction for about 5 years now ever year the last lamb through the door makes me so happy for 2 reason’s 1 it’s been a very very long day!! But the best reason is to watch and see the people like you guys that stay to the EVER END to make sure that kid leaves with a sold lamb. You don’t buy the champion and get your picture’s taken for the local paper and a pat on the back and than walk out the door and never bid again the rest of the day!!! But you hang in there all day bidding on animals that aren’t getting bids. Sometime’s even get more money for their projects than the champion ‘s do. I want to make sure you know that it doesn’t go unnoticed!!!
    Thanks for all you do!!!

    1. Thank you Teresa! The biggest shout-out goes to all of you who help behind the scenes and make it all happen!

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