Making An Impact – With the Utah High School Rodeo Association

Citizenship is. . .a sense of belonging to a community for which one bears some responsibility.  In a word, citizenship implies public-spiritedness, which is akin to patriotism, and has to be cultivated.  Walter Berns As Utah’s number one dealer in the horse trailer industry, both in sales and stocking, C&R feels a great responsibility to […]

Tips From The Service Department: Tire Maintenance

          We are excited to share a few tips from Ronnie, head of the service department at C&R.  Today he is sharing a bit of advice on tire maintenance.       One of the recurring issues we are seeing in our service department is problems with trailer tires.  A common mistake […]

Small Town Living At It’s Best- Box Elder County Fair and Junior Livestock Auction

Our little town just wrapped up the county fair.  And as Chris LeDoux used to sing, “Ain’t nothin’ I know of, can make you fall in love, like a night at the county fair.”  Around here, fair week really does make us fall in love- with summer, with our little town, and most of all- […]