Customer Spotlight: Meet The Jex Family!

We have long since known that our customers are the very best!  It is because of them that we continue to be here in this little town doing what we love to do.  And so, we are very excited to share another customer spotlight today!  The Jex family are fantastic customers and a terrific family.  Brent is a policeman, and his wife works at a high school, so they are very involved in serving the community.  They love spending time together and have traveled to some beautiful locations with their trailer.  We are so glad to see families who use their trailers to get away and make great memories together, and this family definitely does!  

Meet The Jex Family!

Brent, tell us about your family!

My wife and I have been married for 22 years.  We have an 18 year old son and a 16 year old daughter.  I have been a police officer for about 20 years and my wife works at a local high school.  Our son just graduated high school and is headed off on an LDS mission for our church next week.  Our daughter will be a junior in high school and loves camping and music.

Why did you decide to invest in a trailer?  Is it something new to your family or is it something you have always done?

We bought our first trailer, a little pop up, from a neighbor about 15 years ago.  We learned quickly that we wanted something better.  It was pretty beat up.  We have always enjoyed the outdoors but traditional camping was difficult with two small children.  A trailer is a much better way to go!

How has your trailer changed the way your family spends time together?

Some of our best memories have been in our trailers over the years.  Our children have learned responsibility and discipline in preparing the trailer, setting up and taking down properly, and in preparing it for storage.  They have learned minor repairs when the “oops” happens!  For the most part, we plan our vacations and outings around where the trailer can go.

Where are your favorite places to take your trailer?

Our favorite destination is a small, secluded lake in Northern Washington state.  But we also like going to local places such as Cherry Hill, Lava Hot Springs, and Crystal Hot Springs.  C&R hooked us up with some great generators so dry camping works anywhere.

Can you share a favorite family memory while using your trailer?

One of the best memories was during one of our Washington camping trips.  It rained for three days, so we hung out in the trailer, playing games and reading for those three days!

How was your experience with C&R?

C&R has earned my business ever since we got rid of that little pop up.  Their honesty is refreshing and their prices can’t be beat, especially in the Salt Lake area.  I have a “habit” of buying trailers!  I get to experience the professionalism of C&R about every 18 months or so!  I am to the point that if C&R doesn’t carry it, then it’s not a trailer I will consider.  I would recommend to anyone to make the drive to Tremonton.



Once again, a huge thank you to the Jex family.  I loved that one of their favorite memories is the time they spent three rainy days together tucked inside the trailer.  Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!  Another favorite thing  was when Brent explained how much their kids have learned as they have camped and taken care of the trailer as a family.  There’s a lot to be gained by taking the time and effort to make great memories with the people we love.


Here’s to making memories!  Are you a happy customer of C&R and would like to share your experience?  We are looking for more families to spotlight and would love to hear your story!  As a thank you to the Andersons and all of our spotlight families, we will be giving a $50 gift card that can be used toward any parts or services at C&R.

If you are interested in being spotlighted, email  I can’t wait to meet you!

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