Oh The Places To Go!. . .The Route Of The Hiawatha Bike Trail


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I love a good outdoor adventure, and I recently discovered one that checks off everything on my list! From everything I have seen,  The Route of the Hiawatha bike trail is in a breathtakingly beautiful location, is accessible to all ages, and has just enough challenge to make it a perfectly exciting adventure!

The bike trail is located in Northern Idaho, near the Idaho-Montana border (12 miles east of the quaint, historic town of Wallace, Idaho).

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Surrounded by gorgeous scenery, the trail follows a former rail line and is super family friendly (many photos show adults pulling bike trailers with infants).  The 15 mile trail has a gradual descent that winds through gorgeous mountains and train tunnels.  Most love the challenge of the 1.6 mile St. Paul Pass tunnel  (which is completely dark inside and requires headlamps for the riders), but if the darkness bothers you, there is a way to bypass the tunnel and still experience the trail.  For those who want to ride the trail one way (the most popular option), there are shuttles available to take you and your bikes back to the trailhead when you complete your ride.  Or, you can return on the same path, or even extend your ride further if you wish.  Shuttle tickets, and bike and headlamps can be rented at the Lookout Pass Ski Area.  For more information, visit http://www.ridethehiawatha.

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If you want to take on the Hiawatha this year, start planning!  The last day for the 2017 season will be September 24th.

As we are hoping to make a long weekend trip to the Hiawatha before summers end, I have been researching campgrounds where we could take a trailer and spend a few days.  There is so much to do and see in the surrounding areas, and the scenery is stunning.  There are several campgrounds and RV parks nearby, including North Fork campground, Turner Flat campgound, Wallace RV park, and Tin Can Flat campground.  Or, if you’d like to venture into Montana, your options broaden even more!  For more information on campgrounds near the trail, visit http://www.ridethehiawatha.com.

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