Investing In Your Family

“Time is the currency of relationships.  If you want to invest into your relationships, start by investing your time.” With the coming of the new year, most of us are thinking about what we would like to change or improve upon in the months ahead.  Common New Year’s Resolutions include weight loss, exercising more often, […]

Happy Thanksgiving

  At the start of this holiday season, we would like to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving!  We are especially thankful for our families, for freedom, our wonderful employees, and for great neighbors and friends. A few years ago, a sentiment was shared with me that has stuck with me since.  We often […]

Doing Our Part, Showing Respect

It’s no secret, most of us are feeling a little discouraged about the state of our country today.  But please, take a minute to watch this.  Remember the thousands of men and women and their families who have sacrificed everything so that we can exercise our right to vote today. With Veterans Day coming up, […]