Customer Spotlight: Meet The Lee’s!

We have long since known that our customers are the very best!  It is because of them that we continue to be here in this little town doing what we do.  And so, we are very excited to share another customer spotlight today!  We can’t wait for you to meet the Lee family!  This week’s spotlight is a bit different than months past, as this family’s passion is snowmobiling!  Just wait until you see the pictures!  When Shawn told me about this family, he told me that Kevin Lee was passionate about his family.  It is easy to see that this family loves to be together, and you will soon see- these boys play in the snow in style!

Meet the Lee family!


Kevin, introduce us to your family!

We live in Kaysville and have been here for the last 25 years.  My wife Susan is from Kaysville and graduated from Davis High School.  We settled here to be close to family and because it’s a great community and a good place to raise our family.  Susan is currently on the Kaysville City Council.  I’m originally from Murray Utah.  We met while I was attending BYU in Provo.  I’m a Pilot for Southwest Airlines and love my job!  I’ve had the opportunity to fly all over the world and there is no place I’d rather be than right here in Utah.  The time spent with my family traveling and snowmobiling through the back country of Utah and the surrounding states make for some great experiences and memories.  In addition to the back country, I enjoy sports and landscape photography.  I work part-time as a freelance sports photographer.

We have four boys Jourdan, Trevor, Dallas, and Dillon. They all attended Davis High School and are Eagle Scouts.

Jourdan is married to Taya and they just had their first child- a little girl.  June is our first granddaughter, and of course, we spoil her rotten!  Jourdan is currently in Alabama attending OTS (Officer Training School) with the ASAF (United States Air Force).  After he graduates from OTS, he’ll move his family to Texas for USAF pilot training.  My father flew in the Air Force, so Jourdan will make three generations of Lee’s who fly- pretty cool!

Trevor is married to Amanda and they live in North Salt Lake. Amanda is in the Dental Hygienist school at Weber State. Trevor, with two other partners recently started a business selling insurance annuities. He’s a hard worker and very successful for such a young age.

Dallas is currently attending Weber State, dating, and is learning to fly too!

Dillon is currently serving an LDS mission in Guatemala.  He only has about 9 months to go.  He recently wrote home and said that means he’ll only miss one more winter then he’ll be home to start snowmobiling again!  Dillon loves to spend time in the back country on a snowmobile.  That is his passion!  His future plans are to follow in his older brother’s footsteps and fly airplanes.


Why did you decide to invest in a trailer?  Is it something you have always done or is it new to your family? 

I know a lot of families enjoy spending time on the lake together. Snowmobiling is our family’s version of a boat. When the snow flies, you’ll find us together in the mountains on a snowmobile. We travel all over the western United States chasing the snow.





How has your trailer changed the way your family spends time together?

We wanted a trailer that would let us spend time together in a little more comfort. Our Trails West Trailer from C&R has done just that, we love it! When it’s cold outside, we can get dressed in a heated trailer and listen to our favorite music on the stereo. When we’re done and tired from a long day on the mountain, it’s nice to undress and relax together in comfort. My boys and I seldom go out without our close family friend Heath Wolfley. It’s nice to have the extra room to fit his sled in the trailer so we can all travel together. We joke and laugh and it’s enjoyable to have a place to do that. Whether Dallas is talking trash about the upcoming day or everyone is teasing me about how long I take to get dressed, it’s just fun to be together.









Where are your favorite places to take your trailer?

Last year we pulled our trailer to Montana and Idaho.  We’re planning future trips to Colorado and Canada.  Some of our favorite spots are right here in Utah.  We spend a lot of time in the Uintahs, Monte Cristo, and up Logan Canyon.  We even venture down to Central Utah occasionally.










How was your experience with C&R?

I actually had fun buying our trailer and working with BJ and Shawn at C&R.  They are both great guys and everyone else in the shop to the front desk were just awesome!


We can’t thank C&R enough for all the help and insights on buying a snowmobile trailer that works for us.  Both BJ and Shawn were all-stars.  Never any pressure and always there to take a phone call and answer questions, even if if was multiple times a day with the same question :).  The atmosphere at C&R is laid back and easy going.  I would consider BJ, Shawn, and the rest of the crew at C&R as friends who I can call if I have any questions or needs.

We have recently been looking at travel trailers to use during the summer time to have another excuse to spend time with our growing family.  We would never consider purchasing from anyone else other than C&R.







Thank you so much to Kevin and the Lee family for sharing your snow adventures with us!  Not all of us are quite ready for snow yet, but I can think of one family that is counting the days ’til it’s arrival!  If I had a heated base camp to enjoy it from like theirs, I think I could be persuaded!   I thought it was interesting when Kevin remarked, “I’ve had the opportunity to fly all over the world and there is no place I’d rather be than right here in Utah.”  What a great insight at this time of year, when many of us are thinking of all the blessings we have been given.  We truly do live in a beautiful place – with so many places to explore and enjoy!  Thank you for helping us remember to appreciate the opportunities awaiting in beautiful Utah!


Here’s to making memories!  Are you a happy customer of C&R and would like to share your experience?  We are looking for more families to spotlight and would love to hear your story!  As a thank you to the Lee’s and all of our spotlight families we will be giving a $50 gift card that can be used toward any parts or services at C&R.  

If you are interested in being spotlighted, email  I can’t wait to meet you!




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