Inflatable Paddleboards & Kayaks Now Available!

C&R is excited to be carrying Dave Scadden Paddlesport Equiptment (DSP)!  Dave Scadden is a leader in the inflatable paddlesport industry and specializes in paddleboards, kayaks, and rafts.

When I first heard of an inflatable paddleboard, I imagined a somewhat soft, lower end product.  I was so surprised when Shawn lifted it down for me to see.  To feel it, I wouldn’t have guessed it was even inflatable!  What a great product!  Inflatable boards and kayaks also have the huge advantage of easier travel.  Each paddleboard comes in a large backpack and will fit into the trunk of any compact car.

C&R currently stocks the Assault paddleboard ($1100), which will hold up to 310 lbs.  Smaller and youth sizes are also available.  Also stocked is the two person kayak ($899.99).  Each of these DSP products comes with a lifetime warranty.

To see these great products for yourself, talk to Dan at the service desk.  He will be happy to answer any of your questions!

You can also read more about Dave Scadden Paddlesports on their website

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