Meet Brodi Jones!

We are excited to introduce you to a new member of our sales team at C&R – Brodi Jones! Brodi is a talented team and calf roper. We are excited to sponsor him as he works hard for success in a sport he loves. Brodi is currently on the rodeo team at Weber State University and is earning a degree in professional sales. We are thrilled to have him as an off-site salesman.

I had the opportunity to meet Brodi last week, and quickly felt comfortable with my new friend. He was happy to tell me about his family, but it was a different story when I tried to get him to tell me a little about himself. If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought this humble, kind, giant of a guy hadn’t ever stepped off his family’s land in Erda, Utah. Turns out, I’ve already heard enough about him to know he’s had a good bit of success in the rodeo arena. So, I kept prying. . .but he sure didn’t make it easy on me! As I continued to ask him about his accomplishments he replied with a grin,”My mom always taught me not to brag”.

Brodi grew up in the tiny town of Erda, Utah (although he first told me Tooele, because “no one’s ever heard of Erda”). When asked if rodeo was in his blood, he told me that his dad rode bulls in high school but smiled when he said, “I think my mom put a stop to that”. His uncle owns a ranch in Stockton, and Brodi and his cousins grew up helping him. He said rodeo just became a “family deal”. He was roping by the time he left elementary school and started participating in rodeos in the 6th grade.

You don’t have to spend very long with Brodi before you understand that, for the Jones family, rodeo is very much “a family deal”. He, along with his mom, Tracy and dad, Casey,and two little sisters Birklee and Bristel (both sisters also rodeo) always travel together. The day I met him, his sisters were participating in a junior high school rodeo, and so he was there to support them before heading to his own college rodeo that night. He explained, “mom will stay with the girls and dad will go with me to Idaho.” Both sets of grandparents are usually there to support, and he added that his moms parents usually travel with them too. His mom Tracy told me, “Everyone always tells us we are weird for being with our family so much but it’s what we do and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s hard when we have to go two separate ways.”

The family time is something Brodi wouldn’t trade either. He told me about his sixteen year old cousin Brayden, who he ropes with in the summertime in RMPA rodes. He said they practice together every day. Then, there’s an aunt and uncle who “live two houses down…they travel a lot with us too”.

Watching Brodi talk, it’s obvious that this “family deal” they’ve got going is something special.

If you’re wanting to know about Brodi’s accomplishments, I’m going to have to share a few of them, because clearly, he’s not going to! A graduate of Grantsville High School, he was actively involved in FFA, where he served as treasurer and then vice president for two years. In 2014, as a senior in high school, he qualified for the High School National Finals Rodeo and the National Little Britches Rodeo Finals, where he was named a world champion tie down roper. By the time he graduated from high school, he had won two trucks!

He is currently roping on the Weber State University rodeo team, and in 2015 won 3rd place in the calf and team roping events at the NIRA.

We are thrilled to have Brodi associated with C&R Auto and Trailer. He is genuine, easy to talk to, and obviously works hard at what his does. Shawn expained that they first met Brodi was through the scholarship trailer giveaway C&R andTrails West co-sponsor through the Utah High School Rodeo Association. The students who apply for scholarships are required to sell a certain amount of tickets, and so Shawn and the other guys at C&R met Brodi as he was working to get his tickets sold. Shawn quipped, “You know, some of the kids will be doing it half-heartedly, looking at their phones the whole time, but Brodi meant business. We started joking around with him and pretty soon we kind of made a game out if, challenging him to see how many tickets he could sell.” Certainly, Brodi made a great first impression and we are honored to sponsor him.

We feel blessed to be involved with great athletes and rodeo families such as Brodi’s. We love getting out to events throughout the state and meeting such terrific people. We are thankful for parents like Casey and Tracy, who are raising great kids and who love to spend time together doing what they love. His mom Tracy says, “He has made my job easy. He is a super good boy for sure!” I think Brodi would say the same thing. Good parents are irreplaceable in our children’s lives and in our society.

Brodi’s goal this year is to make it to the college finals again and be able to compete there. As rodeo season is ramping up for the year, we are excited to follow his progress and will be checking in with him each month to see how things are going!

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  1. CR you made a great move. You couldn’t ask for a better salesman and icon. Brodi is an amazing guy. He is super talented but very genuine. Brodi is loved by everyone who meets him. He is very comfortable with all ages. He is always helping at every event you see him at. Brodi has been a guest speaker at our school and was amazing. He is a great example for all of us. Best of luck to CR and Brodi . You will be a great team

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