#OurTown- Feeling Gratitude For Our Community During The Flooding

Our little town has been experiencing heavy flooding this past week, and C&R has seen it’s share of water.  This past Sunday, while most of our employees were in Salt Lake finishing up the last day of the RV show, massive amounts of water flowed into west main street and surrounding neighborhoods, wreaking havoc on many families.

However, when disaster strikes, it tends to bring out the best in our little community, and this was no exception.  Our neighbors, friends, and even strangers stepped in when many of us could not, bringing in pumps, sandbags, and facilitating the flow of water away from trailers and our building as much and as quickly as possible.


On Tuesday afternoon, the trailer lot (along with most of northern part of the county) flooded again.  Shawn posted these words on facebook the next day,

Just letting everyone know we are open for business and mostly dry!  Thank you for your concern.  A little history of the last few days for us…Sunday while at the RV show in SLC we received the news that water was coming in fast.  Ronnie immediately headed north and was met by a small army of people prepared with sand bags, pumps, and a desire to help.  The building was barricaded with sandbags and pumps were started.  By 5:00 am Monday morning the water had moved down the drainage system and to our surprise we were able to open for business Monday and grateful we were.  Tuesday about 12:30 pm water started moving back in across the road from the field west of us as well as coming up from the storm drain.  Once again sand bags were placed and pumps were started.  By midnight the water was gone again and business was as usual with no surprises today.  We are very blessed that we had a lot full of trailers instead of cars.  Trailers sit higher in the air and the water was not deep enough to get into them.  We hope situations soon improve for everyone affected and we are very thankful for all the helping hands that showed up to help out.  We live in a wonderful community.  Please let us know if we can help you out! 


As Shawn said, thanks to the quick action of so many, none of the trailers got water in them.  Someone asked if they would be having a flood sale, and his answer was that the only thing that got flooded was the pavement, and they can’t sell that!  So, I guess they’re out of luck (in a good way, that is!)

Monday morning, after watching so many working together through the afternoon and evening Sunday, I posted these feelings on Instagram:


  • I was so touched as I was driving to help yesterday. Every road I turned down was lined with trucks. Neighbors, friends, and strangers stepping in to fill a need. I snapped a picture of these good men up at C&R late last night. They had been there all day and I know many were working into the night. There are hundreds more men and women and kids out working. So many people we didn’t even know who walked in last night in muck boots wondering what needed to be done. My heart is full. When I woke this morning to rally my kids to go fill more sandbags, I saw this poem on the church’s website. I thought it so fitting for what is happening all around our community right now. Everyone seeing a need, and lifting where they stand. There’s a lot of good left in the world. ?❤️

We are truly thankful for the service that has been offered in our behalf and are trying to pay it forward to the many, many people who are in such great need in our county at this time.  We feel so blessed to live surrounded by so many who are quick to see the needs of others and don’t give a second thought to stepping in to help a neighbor or even a stranger.  Daily we see members of our town and surrounding area filling sandbags, taking meals to those in need, cleaning out a ditch, borrowing someone a pump, or stopping by the side of a road to offer help sandbag a home or a business. This is what community is all about, and we are so proud to call this one our own.



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