Snow Much Fun!

Five or so years ago, our family decided to change things up a bit as far as the way we celebrated Christmas as a family.  It seemed that we were spending far too much money on gifts.  There are over twenty grandchildren in our family, and when we took into account cousin gifts, gifts for the grandchildren, and gifts for grandparents, it all added up to a fair amount of money and time.  Not that our giving was extravagant, but when we all sat down to talk about what really mattered to us, it became clear:  the only thing anyone really wanted was time and memories together as a family.

From that point on, we decided that instead of buying gifts for one another, we would pool the money that would be spent on a fun weekend together instead.  And so, the Croney Family Winter Reunion became an annual tradition and one all of us look forward to every year.

According to tradition, Grandma and Grandpa pick the location of the reunion and announce it at Christmas each year.  Then, over Martin Luther King Day weekend, we set off together to enjoy the fun, and almost always, the snow.  This year did not disappoint!

On Saturday, we spent the day on the tubing hill.  It was the perfect day- plenty of snow and sunshine.  We even brought chili and hot dogs to cook on the fire, and it didn’t hurt to have a warm trailer to send the little ones into when they needed a break from the cold!  There were plenty of races down the hill and challenges made and met. Uncles vs. cousins and cousins vs. cousins.





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Monday, before we all headed home, the older kids had to go out and have some fun behind the snowmobiles.  #cousinsmakethebestfriends

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Without question, I think every member of our family would agree that trading in our gift exchange for memory making has been the best decision we could have made.  It seems like a little thing, but our family looks forward to these four days for an entire year.  But the memories we make?  They last forever!

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