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Why a blog?

At first, my brothers wanted to start a blog because, why not? Isn’t that what businesses do nowadays? They approached me- a lover of words, to help them get going. At first, we planned on things being strictly business, a way of advertising and bringing in customers. Of course, by necessity, that is always the goal of any business. I suggested we start by chronicling the history of C&R- the who, what, where, and why. And thus we began. As I sat down with my parents, however, in an effort to collect dates and places, something magical happened. As I listened and looked through pictures, I saw something that even after all of my high kicks and praises, they still struggle to see. Although I’ve always admired them for their hard work ethic and integrity, I saw something new. The American Dream. At a time in our nations history when many are feeling discouraged and hopeless about the future, I saw hope. I was reminded that the American Dream still exists. Families succeed. Businesses make it. Parents still teach their children the value of hard work, faith in God, and doing a job right the first time.

So. We changed the plan. Instead of a professional tool to grow a business, we are hoping that little corner of the internet can be a place of hope and positivity. A community of people who still believe in families, God, hard work, and integrity. We hope to offer glimpses in the every day running of a small, family-owned business. We plan to include ideas for family fun and travel, along with recipes for camp-outs with friends and loved ones. And because we are telling the American story, we’ll include memories of our own growing up in the middle of the making of a dream, in hopes that you will also remember and smile and even record your own stories. Because although these things aren’t the types of stories that make the 5 o’clock news, we believe these are the things we all need more of. We need to remember that, amongst the hard, good is still all around us and ripe for the taking.

But mostly, we want this to be a place where the American Dream still exists. Where we can stand up for what we believe is important- including a nation where we can dream and believe and work our tails off to make those things become reality. Not because it’s easy. But because that is what America is supposed to be, good men and women who see a better way and are willing to stand up, work, and sacrifice to make it so.